Tormead or Rydes Hill

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GU24Mum Thu 23-Nov-17 08:38:01

Confused - my DD was at the nursery at Rydes Hill and has some good friends who are going through the school and all speak very highly of it. My impression from nursery was that it was very nurturing but gets great results from the girls.
Quite a few schools (state and private) dont' allow younger siblings into plays so I wouldn't rule a school out just on those grounds.

ConfusedMom14 Wed 22-Nov-17 01:16:59

lurian how has been your experience at Rydes Hill academically and opportunities for kids to try out everything? I am considering Rydes Hill for my DD (reception 2018), but she is a shy and quiet but brilliant kid. I am concerned that she may not get due attention.

Iurian Wed 26-Apr-17 12:33:36

If you have younger kids, just be aware rydes hill are not "younger sibling friendly". Actual teachers get annoyed if you bring little kids to mass or school performances. It was very upsetting for me when I was told I couldn't come watch my daughter perform unless I come on my own. You wander what kind of teachers are teaching our girls if they have no consideration for kids, right?!!!
I had other parents feeling sympathetic but to be called and told that teachers complained...???!!!
Most school provide a crèche for situations like these but although rydes hill have a nursery section, they don't! I have another child who goes to a different school and there they send letters to parents and ask if they can volunteer to help! There are always more than enough volunteers!
So yeah.... not a "loving" school!

ZebraGiraffe Mon 02-Feb-15 20:07:32

always definitely not disadvantaged having not gone to the junior dept. At all the all through schools there usually 40-50 from the junior dept then 60+ added from all over, lots coming on their own from schools. Rydes Hill always send a few to Tormead/GHS etc so she wouldn't be going alone. Academically, she wouldn't get into the senior dept unless she was the right level to cope with it so no worries that she would be 'behind' those who went to the juniors.
Thinking of my DDs year group, the 'juniors' and rest were indistinguishable and friendships were mixed from day 1 of the senior department.

In terms of facilities I guess its hard as Tormead is quite a cramped prep school town house site compared to Rydes Hill which is more a country house with grounds.

alwaysmovingon Mon 02-Feb-15 20:02:32

Thanks for that Zebra Giraffe. The 11+ question is a tricky one as we don't necessarily want her to go to Tormead senior but equally haven't ruled it out. It is hard to tell whether the opportunities at Tormead are better due to the senior school facilities they have access to. Also wonder whether if you go to Rydes Hill you are at a disadvantage when moving to senior school as you haven't been through the junior school of the senior school - if you see what i mean!

ZebraGiraffe Sat 31-Jan-15 12:24:10

From what I know, academically they are probably on par. You are more choosing between an all through 4-18 (of course with the option to move at 11 but no 11+ prep) or a very very traditional catholic prep.
Rydes hill is fairly posh (I think they wear white gloves for prize giving and boaters etc) compared to Tormead which is more of a modern town prep school.
Long term would you like her to be at Tormead seniors or keep options open? Rydes Hill prep for 11+ and girls go onto GHS, Tormead, Farnborough Hill, St Cats, Priors field etc. At Tormead should you wish to move you would have to do 11+ prep yourself.
We ended up at one of the other all-through girls' schools locally and it was right for my DD, the junior and senior departments are always kept separate and senior provides a fresh start with new faces (but the comfort of knowing quite a few girls from juniors). I don't think the prep was as 'prep-like' though as at prep-only schools for various reasons but you do benefit from the facilities of a senior and remove the 11+ pressure.

Tricky choice! Good luck!

Ferguson Fri 30-Jan-15 16:45:05

I assume you have studied the web sites of both schools, and from that evidence both look excellent. Perhaps location and size might be a factor, or what each leads onto after primary.

I don't have personal experience of either, but I did know the previous head of Art at Tormead, who was there for many years, and the girls produced interesting work.


Pearcie Fri 30-Jan-15 13:54:55

My daughter has been offered a place at Tormead Junior school and Rydes Hill. Does anyone have any views/opinions/information on either school?

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