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Warfield Primaries

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lemontrees Mon 26-Jan-15 23:17:58

Hi - hoping somebody might be able to give me a bit of advice. My 8 yr old DS and I are looking to move in with my partner who lives in Warfield. I've been looking at primary schools and am quite concerned as the catchment school is Sandy Lane Primary which has a pretty dire Ofsted report. It's hard to really get a picture of a school simply from Ofsted, though, so I wondered if anyone had any experience of Sandy Lane and what it is actually like? Please do PM me if you'd rather not air views in the open. Also does anyone know what the chances are of my son getting a place at Warfield or Whitegrove Primary? The street my partner lives on is only slightly out of catchment for both. The other school we're considering is Meadowbrook Montessori and would be grateful for anyone's experience of this school too! Thanks so much.

lemontrees Tue 27-Jan-15 14:14:20

Any Warfield parents at all?? Please flowers grin??

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