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North bridge house Head teacher

(2 Posts)
jj666 Sun 25-Jan-15 11:55:07

Hi all,

Looking for current parents of North Bridge House Nursery or Junior to fill in some blanks about the school. We recently came for an assessment day at the junior school with DD and met the Head. We were impressed with the friendly atmosphere of the school and the staff seemed nice and focused but the head seemed very rude and unorganised.
We had positive feedback from friends who children went to the school under the old head but we were unsure whether this new head was living up to her predecessor. If anyone currently has children in the nursery or junior and could give us some advice on the quality of the leadership, teaching and school in general that would be great!

googlesmom Sat 31-Jan-15 23:12:20

yes, i too visited the school and quiet liked the ambiance and teachers but am hearing too many not so good things about NBH which is confusing me...

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