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Godstowe for girls, boys ??? Bucks independent prep

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pokito Thu 22-Jan-15 13:43:13

HI. We've recently moved to Bourne End (between Cookham and Marlow) and have been looking around ind prep schools.

We love Godstowe for our daughter but haven't been wowed by the boys schools so far. I know a lot of Godstowe brothers go to Caldicott but I was hoping for a school that started at 4 and didn't have mandatory boarding (hubby is pushing for Caldicott).

Question - where do brothers of Godstowe girls go? How far do families travel for school (what is reasonable for playdates?) Is Lambrook too far? I know Godstowe offers boys places until 7 but it seemed a bit too girlie for me.

CharlesRyder Thu 22-Jan-15 17:56:00

We were going to use Lambrook from Burnham. At the time that we were looking I worked in Bourne End so it was an important feature in our logistics. There is a school bus stop in Bray that would be easy for you to get to.

I also looked at:
Kingscote or Eton End/ Caldicott (couldn't face the compulsory boarding)
Ridgeway (liked Reception, wasn't impressed higher up)
Gayhurst (thought it was a bit stuffy)
Dair House (underwhelmed, didn't like Head)

CharlesRyder Thu 22-Jan-15 17:57:59

Oh, and The Beacon which was wonderful and I would have probably chosen it but the school run didn't work.

FluffyRedSocks Thu 22-Jan-15 18:06:15

Welcome to wycombe! We are in Wooburn green smile
No idea on schools but if you wanted activities/ general chat about the area then pm me!

Givemeabreakimtryingmybest Fri 23-Jan-15 11:05:36

My son went to Caldicott and it was wonderful - but we had friends who sent ds's to Davenies in Beaconsfield and were very happy.

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