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7+: Bute vs CLSG and NLCS Preps

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arctic25 Thu 22-Jan-15 11:40:07

We are thinking about these 7+ options for 2015 entry for my daughter who has high energy levels and is good across the board incl. sports.

We are comfortable that all of these schools provide good education with some differences potentially in depth in breadth.

CLSG seems to focus on cramming in as much as progress as possible in math and English with extra curriculum activities available but being paid lip service to. Very pushy but if the child can cope 11+ places at the senior are more or less secure. Smaller school can be a bit too claustrophobic for some, little outside space

NLCS seems similar to CLSG with a bigger year group, wider ability range and more tutoring + obviously different site with better outside space and different logistics

Bute seems broader with sports and science but has a much wider ability range and leaves the more able ones to either idle or make progress outside of school, then there is 11+plus risk.

If people have a basis for comparing any of these schools, it would great to hear your views.

efrieze78 Thu 22-Jan-15 13:41:43

We were offered CLSG and NLCS at 7+ and chose NLCS due to educational reputation and outside space/ facilities. We liked CLSG but also felt the campus was a bit claustrophobic but the girls there seemed happy and balanced - prob less of a hot house than NLCS.

I have no experience of Bute, sorry.

arctic25 Thu 22-Jan-15 14:06:38

Thank you for your comment. Considering that 7+ intake is c.20% of the year at NLCS, how does the 7+joiner group seem to fit in/compare with the rest of the year?

horsemadmom Thu 22-Jan-15 14:41:05

I'm PMing you.

MMmomKK Thu 22-Jan-15 14:48:58

Not having to go through 11+ is definitely an advantage. If we lived near any of the schools with such option, we'd definitely considered them very seriously. Do you live near any of these schools, or would you move once you decide on the school?

Out of curiosity, what makes you think that at Bute the more able ones are "left to idle"?

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