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Got ed psych diagnosis--what next?

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Oneveryworriedmum Tue 20-Jan-15 22:12:17

DS was tested by an ed psych after concerns that his written work was hugely inferior to his oral work, that he was very slow at writing (as well as getting changed for PE and swimming, and that his spelling was massively behind his reading. This was a private assessment.
We have just had the results and it turns out his processing speed is dramatically below average (10th percentile), while his verbal comprehension, perceptual reasoning and working memory are all well above average (90th percentile and upwards).
He will need occupational therapy, which we are arranging, extra time at school, particularly for tests and assessments, some helpful strategies put into place in class and, above all, no sanctions/negative remarks for his slowness. Problem I'm not sure what to do now. Do I take the ed psych report into school and show it to his form teacher? Would that be enough? What else can I do to ensure that he receives appropriate support? School is not very hot on SEN and unfortunately, the SENCo is the same person that, in the past, put down DS's slowness to lack of compliance....

TeenAndTween Wed 21-Jan-15 09:17:16

Ah. I was going to say see the SENCO. Schools can, I hear, be iffy of private assessments.

Send in 2 copies one for teacher, one for SENCO, and ask for meeting in a week's time with both to agree an action plan. If they are still dismissive I would consider changing schools if at all possible.

Not sure how old?

Things we did for DD1 in primary with some similar issues (finally diagnosed dyspraxia in YEAR 11)
- nothing extra in school

At home
- she dictated homework to me
- I wrote it down
- I then dictated back to her
This meant she wasn't trying to do content at the same time as writing & spelling. this helped a lot.

Getting changed quickly - Is that motor skills, getting distracted, or working out what to do next?
You could try
- Learn a routine at home that you always get undressed/dressed in the same order, and clothes put away nicely
- Easier to take on and off clothes - eg a size up so no buttons
- get changed away from others so fewer distractions
- Get changed with a 'buddy' so he mirrors what step buddy is on
- Time each step to encourage speed

Hope some of this is helpful

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