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Insights into NHEHS juniors

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Givemeabreakimtryingmybest Tue 20-Jan-15 13:54:53

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone could share their views and experiences of the junior school at NHEHS? I have heard such conflicting things! I know that it is academically outstanding but what I want to get a feel for is the pastoral care. How happy \ friendly \ down to earth are the girls? I have heard that it is a place that is great if you are a favourite and terrifying if you are not. That unless you keep up no one cares, that there is no focus on the individual because of the incessant pressure on achieving results.... if you have a child there or any insights please can you share your thoughts - a great experience for all or only a few? Do all the girls feel cared about or ignored? Are they pressured? If you have a dd who is slightly quirky, would it be a good choice?

Many thanks in advance....

Sunflower123456 Tue 20-Jan-15 23:18:01

NHEHS is part of the GDST, as the NGHS which we sent our daughter to. Our daughter is very bright, so she didn't need much attention. However, a friend of hers in the same year had fallen behind, and her teacher frequently shouted at her.

We terminated the NGHS last year because the HT didn't care about our daughter's medical condition and dietary needs. She also made many false allegations about us to the SS, on the day we submitted out termination notice. We filed a formal complaint but the GDST brushed us off and refused to complete their complaints procedure.

On paper, private schools looks really great with 99% pass rates. However, this is misleading as they would only admit average to above average ability pupils and from families that can afford their fees.

Our daughter now goes to an outstanding state school, and we have to say it's much better than that awful private school in every respect.

Givemeabreakimtryingmybest Wed 21-Jan-15 08:57:02

Wow that is awful - but I am glad your daughter is happy now. Does anyone have any specific experience of NHEHS though? (positive and \or negative)?

northlondoncat Mon 08-Jun-15 00:26:27

We are at the senior school and have found NH&EHS wonderful. We chose it for the pastoral care as this was our most important criteria. We have not been disappointed. They are very caring and loving. We really rate the school.

Teaching on the whole is good as far as I can determine and the girls are nice but quite mature and very independent.

I cannot comment on the junior school but if the senior school is anything to go by you will not be disappointed. Plus they have very few places at 11+ so its best to get in early.

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