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Felsted, BSC or Howe Green - any experience?

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tapenade70 Fri 16-Jan-15 13:10:32

Hello - we are moving to the Essex area and are looking at schools..any thoughts on Felsted pre prep, Bishops Stortford College or Howe Green (or FKS) prep schools? And the Felsted and BSC secondaries? Felsted prep seemed nice but very much like a boarding school - quite intense? Howe Green nice and cosy but not reviewed by Good Schools Guide? BSC seems good though not been round it yet?? thanks

Jamie266578 Tue 21-Jun-16 21:21:09

I would not recommend Howe Green House School, their education has a lot to be desired, asking children not to attend whilst the inspectors were visiting, teachers family being interviewed by the inspectors. To top it all if you complain you will be asked to leave the school with no offer of a refund for fees paid. The pain follows the new headteacher from her previous school Heathmount. Children are leaving in their drones and they will always have a place for the Unknown!

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