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Last child leaving primary school this year. Support/jubilation thread (anyone else feel this way)

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Frikadellen Wed 14-Jan-15 20:17:31

dd3 is leaving primary school this year. (July smile - in case any wondered grins)

I feel mixed about it.
A HUGE part of me is so very ready to stop the school runs.

No longer have that close involvement with the school (Don't get me wrong I am involved with my teenagers schools just on a different level to the primary )

13 years worth of going back and forth twice a day has taken its toll I admit.

I admit to not being as excited about world book day and wear what you like days as I was when dd1 started school.

I can't wait to not have to make another lunch box

I can't wait to not wait to not have 2 parentmail emails from 2 different schools with no clue what one it is from half the time (though primary is trying to sort that by putting their name in the header)

IT's ONLY 189 days to go... wooooott

On the other hand..

I LOVE dd3's small loving caring wonderful school.

Her teacher is FANTASTIC and just one of those amazing wonderful people you will remember all your life.

The head is just wonderful and has made an amazing difference in my childrens life (was senco before she became head)

I will miss the TA he has the most wonderful dry sense of humour and I enjoy a little chat with him.

I will miss seeing people who I enjoy having a little chat with but who I would not as such call " friends" you know that sort I would not say " lets have a coffee with" as we are not that close but who I enjoy a little catch up with.

I will never get to go to a nativity play for one of my children ever again...

There is only 189 days left.

Anyone else feel this way?

Chillaxalready Wed 14-Jan-15 20:30:06

Definitely a bittersweet time.

Loved reading your is all those simple things that add up to their whole experience, isn't it? Sad that this 'innocent' phase of their life is over, but excited for all the excitement of 'growing up' that will be done.

Great thread idea - thanks for starting!! flowers

Frikadellen Wed 14-Jan-15 21:31:12

yes its all the little things that adds up.

Bonsoir Wed 14-Jan-15 21:34:22

My DD is also in her final year of primary. It is highly likely that she will move schools for secondary and, TBH, I am looking forward to the change.

I try not to think of all the many things we will miss.

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