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Primary application from abroad

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MamandeRose Tue 13-Jan-15 20:04:13

We may be moving to Oxfordshire in the summer, and DD would need a reception place in September. But won't know where for a few months so will miss all the deadlines (panic!). I read somewhere that different rules apply if you're moving from abroad - anyone know if that's true?

Porridgeorcroissants Tue 13-Jan-15 20:51:12

I am not an expert but would think that if a school is full its full. My understanding is that it is very hard to get a space at one of the better schools in Oxford. So, would it be possible to identify the school you want to get into and then rent a place close to the school (check with local authority though or if it is an academy directly with the school) before doing so. Would you consider Buckingham as an alternative? I think a large new primary is being built there for September 2015 as part of a group of successful academies, maybe that would be an option? Otherwise Abingdon, would that be an option? If you or your DH will work for Oxford University then they may be able to help you.

SavoyCabbage Tue 13-Jan-15 20:53:46

You can only apply once you are there and you have an address..

I'm halfway through the process myself. Then it is called an in year application so I suppose the rules are different. You are not putting the application in before the deadline for a start. Some LEAs will tell you where the spaces are but some won't.

meditrina Tue 13-Jan-15 21:00:53

Unless you are Armed Forces (or other qualifying Crown Servant) returning from a posting, you cannot apply until the child is living in the UK.

You'll need to apply once here. Look on the council website for how to do an in-year application. They will have to find you a place, but it'll be at a school which has vacancies so might not be one uou particularly like.

But you can join waiting lists for as many schools as you like, and hope for a place at a school you prefer.

I really don't think there is any chance of making an on-time application (deadline in two days).

LIZS Tue 13-Jan-15 21:05:06

No there are no specific rules for applying from abroad . Until you have an address locally most LAs won't consider it though. Your dc would be allocated a space wherever is closest and has a vacancy at the point you apply. Places applied for by Han 15th site allocated after Easter.

When is dc 5? You could apply and go on waiting lists if you don't like the allocated school , deferring the start date if she turns 5 later than December in the hope that a different school can offer a place.

MamandeRose Tue 13-Jan-15 21:37:47

Thank you all for these, much appreciated. No, I didn't expect we could apply before having an address, so I guess it will be an in-year application, as a pp said. We are thinking of Abingdon, as heard it's a nice place. If anyone knows of Catholic primaries which we would even have a chance of, would be very interested to hear. DD will be 5 in February 2016, but will already start school here in a few weeks (different system), so I don't want to keep her back.

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