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Quick 7+ exam advice please spelling/dictation

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dadap Mon 12-Jan-15 22:42:14

Hello - is anybody able to give advice on the spelling / dictation. My ds is at a state school and we can't afford a tutor so I am doing the prep myself. I am wondering
how long roughly and how many sentences is the dictation.
Do they explicitly say the grammar for example:
John walked down the stairs comma,carrying a ball comma a pencil comma a hat and a bag. He yelled open speech marks catch this closed speech marks full stop.

Or is it john walked down the stairs (silent pause) carrying a ball (silent pause) a pencil (silent pause) a hat and a bag (long pause) He yelled catch this.

And the child is expected to work out from the gaps and tone of speech. I would really appreciate any advice on this area.

Thank you

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