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Both kids primary which moisturisers after bath?

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worriednow1 Sun 11-Jan-15 05:09:54

Bath almost everyday. Which moisturiser, oil? Shall I use

SoonToBeSix Sun 11-Jan-15 05:12:56


britishbakeoffblues Sun 11-Jan-15 05:13:46

I don't use anything on my child who baths daily.

merlottime Sun 11-Jan-15 10:08:04

This is the primary education section.

dementedpixie Sun 11-Jan-15 10:11:18

mine dont get moisturised. Why is this in Primary Education?

KoalaDownUnder Sun 11-Jan-15 10:12:34

Children don't need moisturisers.

AsBrightAsAJewel Sun 11-Jan-15 10:37:49

I agree it might not be primary education , but there are plenty of threads on here that aren't purely education (e.g. birthday parties), so why so harsh with OP? It could be a n honest mistake as it is about primary aged children.

Some children do have skin issues that aren't severe enough for prescription cream, but do need moisturisation. Mine had mild eczema and needed creams in the winter months so m they didn't get to the stage of needed steroid creams.

noramum Sun 11-Jan-15 13:05:17

DD has skin issues, very dry in winter, and therefore does not have a bath each day. She showers every 2-3 days and in winter may use a moisturiser as her tights makes the skin itch.

Before I would use a moisturiser I would think about the need for a daily bath as it can dry out a skin very fast. Or change the bubble bath.

Katiebeau Sun 11-Jan-15 13:11:09

Our very dry kids respond well to Aveeno bath and wash stuff and Doublebase Dayleve Gel.

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