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Schools in uxbridge or west drayton

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Heather123456789 Sun 11-Jan-15 01:55:26

Hello smile
I am thinking of moving to uxbridge or west drayton or denham near to my husband work
I need advice about primary schools and high school as well
Your views are highly appreciated
Many thanks

CastlesInTheSand Sun 11-Jan-15 20:44:16

I can't really recommend any of the schools in Uxbridge or west Drayton.

John Locke is brand new so may turn out to be good.

Hermitage is dreadful.
Whitehall is over crowded
St Mary's has no playground
Vyners and bishophalt don't like taking pupils with sen
The other secondary schools are very rough

I think bucks is better. Chalfont academy is def better than Uxbridge high.

Or consider Harefield Or Iver.

West Drayton has not got much to recommend it.

Heather123456789 Sun 11-Jan-15 23:48:32

Thank u v much for ur reply ,i am thinking if going further towards ruislip or even Maidenhead.any ideas about these areas

CastlesInTheSand Mon 12-Jan-15 05:53:15

Ruislip might be better. But more expensive. I like ruislip high a lot.

I don't know maidenhead. But I think it'll have a grammar and non grammar school so make sure you check out both.

Ohfourfoxache Mon 12-Jan-15 06:06:50

Harefield has a good primary school, but the academy isn't great.

Apparently there are some really good schools towards Gerrards Cross - but the house prices definitely reflect this!

CastlesInTheSand Mon 12-Jan-15 06:13:00

Harefield academy is great. I know it well and am very impressed with it.

The new HT has a much more academic focus than the old one. So it's league table results will look better soon.

But that's now what makes a school great. Harefield is a very innovative school with lots of pastoral support, good teachers, good communication with parents and of course amazing sport opportunities.

I can't fault it at all.

Ohfourfoxache Mon 12-Jan-15 07:26:36

That's really reassuring Castles - expecting dc1, we love living in harefield and we don't really want to consider moving for schools (I've been worrying prematurely about this - you might be able to tell!) grin

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