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Moving in the middle of Y1 and different year cut off dates

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chocolatechipcookiedough Sun 11-Jan-15 00:35:36

We've lived abroad for years - I'm British but have never had kids in the UK so forgive my general ignorance!! We've just found out we'll be moving back to the UK (Northern Ireland) on short notice probably during the easter holidays (or possibly at half term - I'll find out which this week hopefully).

So what do I actually need to do?? I'll be on the phone to the education authority tomorrow but I can't find anything online about what to do if the child is applying mid-year.

Added to that, he's a summer-born year 1 at his current school where the cut off date is September 1st but in Northern Ireland he's 8 days after the cut off date for Y1 so should be in reception. But he's already started in Y1 and will have done 1-1.5 terms of Y1..... Do i have any chance of convincing them to put him in Y1 or is he going to have to go into reception? He's doing well in Y1 so I'd hate for him to have to go into a lower class just for the sake of 8 days!

I'd be very grateful for any advice. thanks

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