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Oasis Academy Shirley Park

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Baalamooree Thu 08-Jan-15 14:25:38

It is rated outstanding by Ofsted, the league table results are good (for its location) but I would really appreciate views on this school.

Anyone send their DC there? Are they happy? Any issues?

Would you recommend any other primary schools in this area?


toomanywheeliebins Fri 09-Jan-15 15:21:17

I don't know this particular school but Oasis is quite a good chain and I have visited other schools which I thought were v good

TalkinPeace Fri 09-Jan-15 17:40:18

Oasis is quite a good chain
Not according to the NAO and Ofsted

Be very aware that Oasis themselves are very evangelical even if their schools do not have Christian admissions criteria

Baalamooree Fri 09-Jan-15 19:32:06

Thank you both. Yes, this particular school seems great both for results and nurture but I know no one with any DC there.

I am a little concerned about it as a chain Talkinpeace. Firstly, it's an Academy and whilst I have no direct experience people do seem to be quite negative about them as a whole. Also, research just brings up articles on financial mismanagement, although this was a few years ago.

TalkinPeace Fri 09-Jan-15 19:34:26

Academies per se are neither here nor there : well over half of all secondaries are now academies

chain Academies are a different issue
and whether they top people at Oasis have the right skills is open to debate

idontgivearatsass Fri 09-Jan-15 19:59:20

I know a few families with children in year 1 who are very happy there. I don't know any one in the secondary school. Personally I did the tour last year and was pleased to see the turn around in performance but I chose to send my child elsewhere due to what the other school offered. PM me if you'd like more info.

Other good schools in the area are: Thomas Beckett, Monks Orchard, Woodside, ARK Oval, Davidsons and Sir Robert Fitzroy... have you considered any of these?

Baalamooree Fri 09-Jan-15 23:14:54

Thanks idontgivearatsass. PM'd you.

nlondondad Mon 12-Jan-15 11:17:56

For information about Oasis have a look at their web site

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