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morethanpotatoprints Wed 07-Jan-15 13:00:58

Hi, on my way to buy some books for dd, presently H.ed
I'm looking for some robust resources for English and Maths that have more than one page of questions.
Looking for the whole of KS2 to fill in any gaps.
Galore Park are good I know, but need something preferably easy to find on the high street.
Any ggod recommendations, please.

Skiingmaniac Wed 07-Jan-15 18:30:46

Try target maths and schofield and sim for maths.
English try the Collins series - there's a set of books for each of comprehension, grammar & punctuation, spelling and creative writing

Tinuviel Fri 09-Jan-15 20:38:50

Morethan, I have some Maths resources that I don't need any more (we also HE) and am looking to sell them on. Please PM me if you are interested. Includes Galore Park Junior 3 and book 1 of So You Really Want to Learn (both maths) and some Schofield and Sims workbooks,

Imscarlet Fri 09-Jan-15 20:41:05

Dunno if this is of any benefit to you, but in Ireland we use textbooks rather than handouts. Action Maths is a good series, I like the Wonderland program for English and there are some excellent Prim Ed books for comprehension etc.

PastSellByDate Sat 10-Jan-15 10:00:55

Hi I'd recommend CGP literacy workbooks (available most large newsagents/ book shops). They also do a range of spelling/ writing/ reading books in prep for KS2 SATs.

Not sure if your DC is KS2 lower or upper. Schofield and Sims books are very good - but they are just tests - so you may need something that explains a bit more how to do things.

Letts Mythical Maths is very colourful and does appeal to younger children (so KS1/ KS2 lower - Y3/4): e.g. - again also available most large newsagents/ book shops.

My advice is include your child in whatever you buy - far better they like the look of the workbook as well as you liking the content. I also think it is really important you work out whether the issue is 'gaps in understand' which will require worked examples/ explanations of how to do things or whether your DC just needs practice. Once you know that - you will know what you need to be looking for in terms of a workbook.


If you haven't come across it - there are wonderful on-line resources at Woodlanads Junior School for both literacy & maths - as well as a wide range of other subjects:

PastSellByDate Sat 10-Jan-15 10:01:50

sorry that should have read - 'gaps in understanding' - not sure where the 'ing' disappeared off to.

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