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Appealing to move to an oversubscribed school

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islawigdet Fri 02-Jan-15 21:40:13

We live in an oversubscribed catchment area and couldn't get into any of our three local schools.

My child is happy at his current school but in October has started to become unwell and is struggling to get there and manage the day. It is a forty-five minute drive or a forty minute walk. He is currently unable to walk it and has been sent home multiple times for lack of energy (he sleeps from 6.30pm till we wake him at 7.00am).

He has a referral for paediatrics but this is after the appeal. I know it is hopeless so please don't kick me when I am already down. Any advice as to how to structure our appeal, what things to include/avoid?

The year size is sixty and the current intake is sixty-two.
Any constructive advice would be gratefully received.

prh47bridge Fri 02-Jan-15 23:20:00

If the appeal is for Reception, Y1 or Y2 this will be an infant class size appeal even though they are 2 over PAN. I'm afraid that means you are unlikely to win. You would need to show that a mistake has been made that has cost your son a place or that the decision to refuse to admit him was unreasonable.

All you can do is make the best case you can as to why your son needs to transfer from his current school to the appeal school with as much supporting evidence as possible. A letter from your GP may help, for example. Include as much as you can about your son's condition and the effect the journey is having on him. Then keep your fingers crossed and hope the appeal panel is willing to bend the rules for you.

eddiemairswife Sat 03-Jan-15 11:26:28

I can only agree with prh if this is an infant class size appeal. One thing in your post puzzles me though; you say it is a 40 minute drive or a 45 minute walk. How so?

QuiteQuietly Sat 03-Jan-15 14:09:36

School traffic? Our journey to school takes 25 minutes on foot, but the best part of an hour in a car at school run time (and can't park anywhere near the school). If I pick up from ASC, then it's about 10 minutes in the car because the traffic has massively subsided (plus I can park in the playground...). The situation has to be pretty extreme for me to drive to/from school at the same time as the hoi polloi - often book DC into ASC for 30-45 minutes if I need to collect them in the car. And I'm not in London - I imagine it would be worse there.

Greenfizzywater Sat 03-Jan-15 16:03:17

What do you mean by "unwell"? Speaking as a GP, I very rarely write such letters unless there is a very very good medical reason - if there is a significant medical condition then by all means approach your GP, if you mean he is generally run down and getting more colds etc then I wouldn't bother. Good luck with it.

catslife Sat 03-Jan-15 16:49:08

This may not win an Appeal if ICS and is probably a long shot, but what other facilities does the school you are appealing for have other than it being closer to your house?
For example if your child needs medication can the Appeal school manage this, but not current school? Does the appeal school have an area where your child may be able to rest at lunch time rather than going into the playground so he can manage a longer day?
In my experience most medical professionals are reluctant to write letters naming a particular school so a letter saying "islawiglet tells me that her child needs a place at X school" isn't really much help. But if the child has a medical need that only school X can provide for e.g. "in my medical opinion the child needs ........ at school to meet their needs" then you may be in with a chance (albeit a small one).
BTW The current school should really have a medical care plan to help with your child's condition. This could include rest breaks during the day or part-time schooling if needed. I would ask current school about this as if they say they cannot make any extra provision for your son, other than sending him home, that may (possibly) strengthen your case.

islawigdet Sun 04-Jan-15 20:20:56

Thank you for your comments. I've asked to delay the appeal till after we've had our hospital appointment. I don't want to go into details about his health but it is more serious than the occasional cold.

We have to drive through city center in rush hour to get to school which is why is takes as long/longer than driving.

After doing more research, not sleeping and generally tearing my hair out I am resigned to the fact that we won't win. After we have lost the appeal though I will know that I personally couldn't have done anymore. It all feels very raw and dramatic right now as the health condition is recent and has thrown everything.

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