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flexi schooling

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plasticinemachine Fri 02-Jan-15 14:55:05

Hi, I know flexi schooling is down to the particular head teacher, but just wondered if it makes any difference if a school is in special measures? Are they not allowed to agree to something like flexi schooling.

flexibleworkinghours Fri 02-Jan-15 18:14:26

it's more to do with funding.
for the last two years, if a child flexi schools the school is not given money for the sessions the child is not in school. previously it cost the school nothing -- the school received the per annum funding for the place - but now they have even less incentive to allow parents to do it.
also there is less incentive now that there is a narrower model of 'success' in schools - passing sats which involves following a very rigid curriculum and a focus on testing.
probably the kind of school that would now be pro flex schooling is one with a very confident established liberal head (of the kind that used to be round here, but is now longer) or a school that needs pupils to ensure that it does not close - making itself a flexi school centre at least means it will attract a new kind of pupil, and attract funding that way.
this is what i think anyway.

admission Fri 02-Jan-15 19:00:24

There is the fact that in law, pupils aged 5 to 16 should be in full time education. Full time means from when the school opens to when the school day closes. Yes, specific arrangements can be made for part time education but in reality many of the arrangements for pupils to leave early or only attend part time are technically illegal, no matter how sensible they may be for the specific pupil.
Funding is based on annual level for each pupil on the school register and is again based on full-time attendance. If the funding was based on the number of sessions attended then it would bankrupt some schools!

flexibleworkinghours Fri 02-Jan-15 22:14:29

Sorry. I thought that 'educated off site children' no longer got full funding. But I'm clearly wrong about that. There is something funny that changed though in 2012. It might be about attendance, not about funding. Previously the educated off site code meant those absences were not counted in overall absence figures, but now they are... I think that's it. So if a school cares about attendance. So previously if you were educated off site then your absences did not count as absences, but now they do. I know there's something as my kids were flexi schooled and at the time the rules changed we were affected by it. But my memory is a bit wonky and I can't remember exactly what it was. But it's SOMETHING!

LucasNorthsBaubles Sun 04-Jan-15 11:56:37

Yes, children have to be in full time education but that does NOT mean full time at school. Flexi schooling isn't part time education - it's full-time. The code/funding changes don't affect that. To answer OP's question though, I don't know specifcally about a school being in special measures but my guess is that it makes no difference and it's still up to the Head.

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