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Of interest to those who expressed their views in Nov, at Sue Cowley's request

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kesstrel Wed 31-Dec-14 15:37:20

The people who responded to educationalist Sue Cowley's request for parental views about a month ago may be interested to read how little their expressed views affected her ideas on what parents think, as expressed in the Guardian today:

"Parent voice will come to the fore in 2015, not least because a perfect storm of things designed to upset parents awaits us. This includes a baseline test for four-year-olds, a sudden shift upwards in academic and behavioural expectations, and the prospect of getting a report that says your child is below national standards. There’s only so far you can push parents before they push back. "

CastlesInTheSand Wed 31-Dec-14 20:36:56

She didn't explain her problem with telling parents the truth in that article any better than she did here.


CastlesInTheSand Thu 01-Jan-15 08:23:14

Given that Sue Cowley has written the book (aimed at teachers) called 'getting the buggers to behave' how can she complain about increased behaviour expectations in school?

Will it harm the sales of her book?

kesstrel Fri 02-Jan-15 08:26:27

What annoys me is that I thought at the time that she wouldn't like the answers she was getting. The Guardian article seems to suggest that she was indeed merely fishing here for fodder to support her preconceived view. Wasting people's time while pretending to be interested in their viewpoint.

GoogleyEyes Fri 02-Jan-15 22:07:58

Hmm, I might as well not have bothered responding to her thread. Not impressed. And that's despite having read her book and really rated it.

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