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Best primary schools in North East London

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UpJacobsCreekWithoutPaddle Wed 31-Dec-14 12:59:01


We have a two-month-old and looking to move to somewhere in London with good primaries, where it's possible to get to Leigh-on-sea on the train quickly. Budget is around £700k for a house (don't mind doer-upper).

We were thinking perhaps somewhere on Crouch Hill/Harringay/SouthTottenham bit of overground, as then we could get the overground to Barking, and change there for Leigh. What are the good primaries round there? Can do CofE and possibly Catholic.

We're currently living in Tooting and love it there - would basically like an equivalent where it's easier to get to Leigh to see our family. Anywhere North/East/SE London with schools and quick links to that Shoeburyness line. Would also love some green space.

Any help greatly appreciated!

fluffymouse Wed 31-Dec-14 17:20:29

'Best' school is very subjective. In Harringay the well regarded ones are Chestnuts and Belmont. They do have tiny catchments though so you need to buy on doorstep.

Your budget will get you a decent 3/4 bed, but the prices are fast increasing.

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