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alton/holybourne primary schools

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devonkate Sun 28-Dec-14 17:53:22

Hi Everyone,

I'm moving from Exeter, Devon to Alton/Holybourne (don't know where exactly yet!) within the next few months and need to apply for my son's primary school place by mid-Jan. However, we've only just found out about the move (new job) so I haven't had any opportunity to have a visit the area to look at any of the state primary schools and would really value some insider info.

Have looked at the OFSTED reports, which all look really encouraging, but would love some advice. I'd love my son to go somewhere nurturing but with good discipline, somewhere with good facilities and with a social mix of children. (Not too much to ask, surely?...)

Thanks in advance smile

TalkinPeace Sun 28-Dec-14 20:10:34

Lovely area. Relax and enjoy.
Hard to go wrong in that part of the county TBH smile

Ionacat Sun 28-Dec-14 22:43:49

We are spoilt for choice for schools in Alton, they are all great, would tick your boxes and it is a case of what you think suits your DS. However the catchment areas are bizarre as most of the schools are clustered together. So our nearest school is not our catchment. You really can't go wrong though. Very rarely hear anything negative about any of them. Have just been round them all for DD. Lived here for 13 years.
Most people tend to go for the nearest or carchment, although one school said make sure you get your first choice right as most people get it. If you live in Holybourne, they all pretty much go to St. Andrews. If you want to know any specific pm me.

devonkate Mon 29-Dec-14 07:39:21

Thanks. This is really helpful and quite a relief to hear that you've not heard anything negative. Very interesting about the catchment areas, too. smile

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