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South East England location advice

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claupie Sun 28-Dec-14 15:50:02

Hello all,
We live in Beckenham and thinking about moving anywhere in SE to find bigger house/better school combo.
Found that Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge have good grammar schools, same with Sevenoaks, but first we need to find a nice area with good primary schools and commutable to London. Not too fussy on which town to move toas we don't really know any areas, but TW seems nice.
Our son would be starting school Sept 2016. Baby on board so not considering private schools at the moment.
Any advice would be most welcome.
Thanks so much.

LIZS Sun 28-Dec-14 15:57:16

Things could change in 10 years but should your doc not pass11+ the alternative secondaries are not all so attractive. Tonbridge is not a great commute.

claupie Sun 28-Dec-14 16:12:43

I guess we could always move again in 10 years that's why I think for now we need to find a nice area with good primary schools, hopefully that would help our children to pass the 11+

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 28-Dec-14 17:12:00

Which London station do you need to travel into?
What is your maximum travel time?
Do you want Grammer Schools?
Do you market town, coast, hills?

Shannaratiger Sun 28-Dec-14 17:15:21

We live in Winchester and it's lovely. Some great schools state and private. Easy commute to Waterloo.

Mintyy Sun 28-Dec-14 17:19:52

Winchester is ok but the commute from Winchester station to Waterloo station is 1 hour, which I wouldn't describe as easy if you have to do an onward journey at either end. It also costs £450 per month.

jeee Sun 28-Dec-14 17:21:41

In Kent, state primary schools (no matter how good) are not allowed to prepare children for the 11+.

claupie Sun 28-Dec-14 18:40:53

We would love to live near the beach and or countryside, we would prefer to have the option of grammar schools near by but of course we can't warranty that our children will get in, therefore our main priority at the moment are good primary schools (whether they prepare children for 11+or not, a good base is always better than a bad base) and a nice area.
Happy to commute for an hour or so to goodge street.

LIZS Sun 28-Dec-14 18:52:09

So that would be into London Bridge ? How much are you looking to spend on a house and commute ? An hour won't get you near to the coast unless you head down towards Canterbury.

claupie Sun 28-Dec-14 19:04:40

I think I might need to start my post again.
Could anyone please advice us on good primary schools near Tunbridge wells or seven oaks. Thanks

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