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Please advise where to enrol a 10-year-old, EFL, French beginner

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daisy2005 Sat 27-Dec-14 17:50:06

My husband's is moving in Jan 2015 to Brussels and he will be working in Central Brussels. My son and I will move to Brussels at the end of the school year. We have never considered Brussels for living, so I do not have any idea where to begin (I am excited at one moment and panicking a minute later, I hope someone understands), so I would appreciate any advice about areas to live, schools etc. I have been reading and reading these past few weeks, but every situation is specific in a way, in our case our son speaks English well, but as a foreigner, it's not his mother tongue, nor is French. He is generally very bright, excellent student and talented when it comes to languages, so he is capable of improving his knowledge by the time we move to Brussels, but one thing is being good at learning a language and another is following school curriculum in a foreign language.

Please help with the first set of questions to help me move from zero to onesmile

1) Because of all of the above, and because we can't spend 2K+/month on achool fees, we are considering: Roots and Wings (for the 1st year at least), European school (I am not sure what to think about them), BIS, ISF, Le Verseau
2) We need to rent flat now - the most important is that it is a safe area, preferably, nice and family friendly well connected to Central Brussels and the potential schools. I know it's difficult to say where, so perhaps it would be easier to say what to avoid? We plan to spend around 1000/month
3) Is there anyone with kids in music schools? Where we come from, kids go to a primary music school (classical music) parallelly with regular primary school. Is that possible in Brussels? I have only found information that musical education is free up to the age of 12.

I hope someone will have time to help with experience and advice smile Thank you!

Expatmomma Wed 31-Dec-14 08:39:27

You may like to repost this in Living Overseas as there are lots of Brussels mumsnetters.

There is also a FB group of mumsnetters in Benelux. If you pm me I can pass onto to you the MN username of who to contact to join.

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