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job advert Switzerland. Young family with 2 kids primary age. Please help

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worriednow1 Sat 27-Dec-14 12:11:02

2 kids primary school age ( just the beginning of primary). the jobs advert is really appealing. Pros: 1. kids could go to international school in Switzerland, 2. good move for me in career. Cons: 1. what to do with my husband job ( earns 24,000 a year, 5 min from our home - so really really convenient) 3. good country for family life ( but! expensive). The reason for change 1. I need to change the job, fed up at my present job politics etc and constant undermining ( I am getting ill from this situation and lost my confidence ) 2. kids could be in an international school. Biffest problem I guess my hb's job? could I go myself initially and see how it goes ( My hb can deal with childcare + parental support - parents live min away from our home)? Or go with children and my husband later? please help me with ideas. sorry for chaotic post

CharlesRyder Sat 27-Dec-14 12:18:43

Your set up in the UK sounds so convenient I would worry about rocking that boat. Maybe you just need a different job here?

I think the Switzerland thing would work if it would mean your DH could be a SAHD so you always had childcare etc if they were ill/ for INSET days etc.

LIZS Sat 27-Dec-14 12:21:29

Whereabouts is it? Being a male trailing spouse could be tricky as CH is very traditional in having SAHMs. However there are expat groups he could join. Geneva is more liberal than German or rural areas. Try posting on expatmomsinswitzerland yahoo page for advice. Ime the international schools are not particularly good short term , very costly and most companies limit how long they will pay. They certainly don't follow as structured a curriculum at primary level. Look up primary years programme of the IB so transition back to uk can be awkward.

worriednow1 Sat 27-Dec-14 12:23:27

i think he woudl get very frustrated be there any other plan - plan B? could he write a letter of interest to the same company and see if his skills would be of any benefit to their organisation ( I understand that the company is undergoing an expansion etc)? he is not a high earner...

AggressiveBunting Sat 27-Dec-14 12:25:30

Start a new threading in the living Overseas section or get this thread moved. Lots of mumsnetters who live or have lived in Switzerland who can advise.

LIZS Sat 27-Dec-14 12:29:08

He'd probably be better doing that in situ. Does he have any language skills? There is talk of CH limiting expat numbers again. None of the IS have asc apart from extra curricular afaik. Childcare for school age kids isn't the norm and they have long holidays and odd days off for local festivals which can differ from where you work.

worriednow1 Sat 27-Dec-14 12:34:16

just English...we both have just English....

LIZS Sat 27-Dec-14 12:41:44

If you are serious then you will need French lessons included. Cost of living is higher than London and do check that the school fees, housing, health insurance etc are included as well as relocation costs and flights home. If the job is on local terms and indefinite they probably won't be so you need to factor costs of that in.

worriednow1 Sat 27-Dec-14 12:47:26

I do not know where I would fine time to learn French...Does it mean there is no point going there if we do not know French?

LIZS Sat 27-Dec-14 12:52:57

No I wouldn't necessarily say that but you would all need it to integrate on any level. Although English is widely spoken and may even be the day to day language used by the company advertising anyone not able to communicate on even a basic level in the local language would be an outsider. Also makes other activities like ski lessons more accessible. Most expat packages make provision for some language tuition either via a course or in the home.

worriednow1 Sat 27-Dec-14 13:06:33

my major concern is my HB...he really enjoys the job he is doing now...

LIZS Sat 27-Dec-14 13:12:07

so what is his opinion? Does he think the lifestyle is worth the risk ?

rabbitstew Sun 28-Dec-14 09:54:41

I'm amazed you'd consider moving to Switzerland just because you like the sound of a job advert. How much research have you actually done into it? The only pros I can see from the way you describe it in your posts relate to you, your current dissatisfaction, and what you think of the wording of an advert. It is not necessarily a pro that your children will go to an international school. Is this the same employer you currently have, or a whole new organisation? How do you know the job will be so good, or that you would have any chance of getting it? I think your dh's job is only one of a whole host of issues you appear to have glossed over.

rabbitstew Sun 28-Dec-14 10:31:22

ps Friends of family moved to Switzerland for the dw to chase a dream job in a place they thought would bring them a great quality of life, requiring her dh to give up a job he enjoyed and was good at. It took her dh 5 years to find suitable employment - far longer than they had anticipated. In the meantime, they'd had children, she felt she was missing out on enjoying them growing up and being part of it, because her job was very full on, more stressful than she had anticipated and she had the pressure of now being the sole breadwinner so felt unable to leave it or ask for reduced hours, even though she wasn't happy and it wasn't quite what she had hoped for, and her dh was unhappy because he couldn't find suitable work and didn't like being a house husband... Finally, he did find alternative employment and she did manage to negotiate reduced hours at work, but it was a miserable 5 years in the achieving. Certainly not the improvement in quality of life they had for some reason assumed Switzerland would automatically offer them. I don't think moving countries is a great idea if only one person in the family really wants to do it and only one person in the family has any good reason to do it, with everyone else just tagging along to keep them happy. Reversing the mistake when it has involved relocating to a new country is also pretty hard work.

SunnyBaudelaire Sun 28-Dec-14 10:35:27

I would not relocate to Switzerland with a stay at home male spouse if you paid me. Alot.
Have you any idea how traditional that society is? When Swiss women got the vote?
Also international school will be v v expensive and full of repulsive euro trash.

LIZS Sun 28-Dec-14 10:46:00

Actually most of the international schools are full of Americans, Brits and Australians , and Geneva probably more diverse than others due to UN and other multinational organisations. Due you have experience?

worriednow1 Sun 28-Dec-14 12:23:34

what about applying for it and my husband applying on spec? then stating it clearly in my cover letter that we would consider it as a family package? I agree that just for me it is not worth it...

LIZS Sun 28-Dec-14 12:25:54

I think it really unlikely he'd be offered anything on spec. If you need to make such stipulations this early on they will think you hard work.

worriednow1 Sun 28-Dec-14 13:53:02

yes they might think that but it would be our position and if it is not suitable for them then i would just accept that it is not for us...

LIZS Sun 28-Dec-14 14:03:53

Does he have any relevant experience or skills? Ime they recruit locally for all but specific roles. How likely are you to be the ideal candidate? What type of company is it ?

worriednow1 Sun 28-Dec-14 14:44:30

it is a school and in theory his skills could be utilised by the school

HerrenaHarridan Sun 28-Dec-14 14:46:44

Your talking to the wrong people.

Talk to your dh. How does he feel?

Explore the possibility, look at the link suggested and talk to ex pats already in situ to find out what the reality is like.

How important is this to you? Does it sound quite fun? Is it your lifelong dream?

Personally I say go for it, ok so it might not work out in the long term but if you keep everyone in the family involved in the decision making it could be a great experience for your kids.

LIZS Sun 28-Dec-14 14:52:23

So is it at an IS school? Unless he also teaches, other positions are recruited locally. Often they are also trailing spouses, but there are plenty of applicants to choose from already in situ and with previous experience having moved around before. The recruitment fairs for expat teaching staff will be early in New Year. Can you go along to discuss face to face ? Tbh the packages for teachers tend not to be highly lucrative and are usually on local terms.

LIZS Sun 28-Dec-14 14:59:52

If you join expatmomsinswitzerland as I suggested further down you will find several who work in schools in non teaching roles.

worriednow1 Sun 28-Dec-14 15:05:08

thank you will look at forum for expats...

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