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Late entry into primary east Grinstead/Wadhurst

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missnomad Wed 17-Dec-14 17:36:10


Just after some advice on late entry to primary schools. We are living overseas at the moment, but will be heading back to the uk in March. We are looking to live in either Wadhurst or East Grinstead. My DD will need to go into reception class. Does anyone have any advice on finding out which schools have places? Do I contact the LA and find out which schools have places. Anyone know if I can get on a waiting list even if I am not living in the catchment area yet? Also does anyone have any suggestions on schools they like/ not like? If I apply for her to get into several schools and there are no places what happens then?

TIA for any help.

Iggly Tue 23-Dec-14 21:26:54

Email the local authority and ask. I did this for schools on east grinstead and got a quick reply.

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