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To move or not to move - please help this is driving me crazy!

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Treefallblue Tue 16-Dec-14 23:40:13

My DC is in YR at a school in Faversham and we have had many issues with the school. My DC had a very unhappy start and it took until after half term to settle with little help from the teachers. There have been a couple of safeguarding incidents at the school involving my DC but they are tightening up things so they say. Academically my DC is doing really well. So here is my dilemma do I leave my DC at a school where I have so many issues but academically is doing great and will leave with good grades or do I move said child to a school where academic progress won't be so good but hopefully the safeguarding issues won't arise? What do I do?????????

TheOldestCat Wed 17-Dec-14 06:44:47

Tricky one. Safeguarding issues are worry and it sounds like you've lost confidence in the school. Why are you convinced the other school will hinder academic progress?

Overall, which is the best school for your DC? Where will they thrive, be happy and progress? It's hard to know.

Disclaimer - I have a child in Year R in the same town. And an older DC in Year 3. In Year R, an offer for a 'more academic' school we were waitlisted for came up. DC was settled, happy and doing well so we turned down the offer. We're SO glad we did.

PM me if you'd like to talk specifics. I'm at work today so probably won't get time to reply but I'll try to this evening (late, I commute to London!).

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