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Devonshire House assesment year 1

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maxmia Mon 15-Dec-14 19:29:25

My Son was invited for an assesment to Year 1 to Devonshire House. Does anybody know what that assesment look like? My Son can count to 20 and write his own name, but he doesnt really know the alphabet yet. Should I be worried already....?

Thanks so much in advanced

Greenfizzywater Mon 15-Dec-14 19:34:55

You'd be better off putting this question on the 3+,4+ etc thread lower down the page. For a year 1 assessment I assume he has has a term of reception? I'd think they'd be looking for reading at ORT level 3-4 but mumteacher on that thread will have more info. Dev house is often people's backup choice so easier than some to get into.

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