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YR3 Wimbledon High School

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bakermom Sun 07-Dec-14 22:06:34


My daughter has been offered a place for Year 3 at WHS. And we have to decide very soon about accepting or rejecting the offer. During our open day tour we loved the school.

It would be great if I could chat with any WHS mums (current YR2 or YR3) to familiarise myself with its culture and various aspects of school life.

Thank you so much.

ohtobeanonymous Mon 08-Dec-14 22:25:42

What would you like to know? I moved my DD there in year 3 and it was the best choice I could possibly have made for her! There has literally never been a day since that she has not wanted to go to school. It is high achieving without being pushy and girls are encouraged in every way to be the best they can be. Down to earth group of parents, completely non-pretentious, genuinely happy, engaged and bright children. Staff genuinely friendly and approachable and really care about the children. Rather good at their jobs, too!
Opportunities for an immense range of activities outside of the classroom - literally something for everyone.

bakermom Wed 10-Dec-14 11:27:38

Thank you so much. My DD is moving from a co-ed state school, so a bit of a tomboy with a motor mouth. I am just wondering whether she might be ridiculed or teased for her slightly rough ways of speech and mannerisms.

So glad to hear your DD loves it there. And totally relieved that the parents are down to earth. I am nervous as it is, and we will be travelling a bit to get to school everyday so it helps tremendously that the atmosphere at the school gates is not filled with tension.

ohtobeanonymous Wed 10-Dec-14 20:59:36

She won't be the only tomboy or motor mouth! Can certainly think of a few in my DDs year group... There is no 'typical WHS girl' and the wide range of interests and hobbies the girls enjoy is testament to that. It really is a place where girls are encouraged to be individual and fulfil their personal potential, and that is partly why my DD I think has developed such confidence.
Obviously it isn't perfect but no school is. Year 3 can be a bit of a year for friendship issues but I don't know of any bullying or anything like that going on... I am sure she will settle in really quickly and hope she loves it as much as mine does if you decide to accept the place.

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