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Shouty Reception teacher

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fatterface Thu 04-Dec-14 21:02:06

I need some advice on whether I can do anything here. My 4 year old has been increasingly complaining of tummy aches and generally being reluctant to go to school, and has recently mentioned being frightened when the teacher has shouted. There is at least one child with some kind of SN in the class whose behaviour is challenging, and I think some of the shouting has been at this child and some at other children or the class in general (for being silly or not tidying up properly) rather than my child in particular. Neither me nor DH are shouters really so this is a new experience for DS.

Ferguson Thu 04-Dec-14 22:51:21

Having worked in primary schools for twenty years as a TA / helper - Yes, I'm afraid some teachers DO shout, but it is invariably the quiet, calm teachers who get better control of a class and the children can learn and work better as a result.

You're lucky if there is only one SN child; I've known classes with almost 50% SN of some sort or other.

Children get all sorts of 'new experiences' in school: some good, others less so. If you have a good relationship with the teacher, or a TA in the class, I guess you could mention it, but not in an accusing sort of way.

When our DS was young, a teacher said maybe he couldn't distinguish make-believe from reality, when he was scared of people wearing masks for a play. So all sorts of things can unsettle a sensitive child.

Reassure your child that none of the shouting is aimed at him/her.

(PS: I think we 'shared' some other 'thread' recently, but I can't track it down now.)

AngelCauliflower Sat 06-Dec-14 08:21:28

My ds was really unsettled last year and I thought it was possibly due to the shouting from teacher and also a child who was shouting a lot. I mentioned it to the teacher but don't think it made a difference. Things are much better this year with a non shouty teacher and the shouty child being quieter.

If he has problems with noise in the future I will definitely be speaking to the school about it. Ds is like a different person this year, very happy and settled. Last hear he had huge anxiety issues (he has autism diagnosis).

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