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Falcons preprep for boys or Rowans Wimbledon

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Idomybest Thu 04-Dec-14 12:31:53

Does anyone have any first hand experience of either for boys? From what I understand one is non-selective and the other one is. One is coed and the other one is boys only. We don't mind either. Rowans has limited sports facilities, I think.

Our son is lively and has an interest in music. He is described as a 'livewire'. Which of the two would be better for him? I have not had any 'gut feelings' so far. We are hoping he would go to either KCS or similar for secondary - Not all that fussed at this stage as we may move again at that time. Thanks in advance for any info.

Idomybest Thu 04-Dec-14 16:16:44

Bump - anyone?

Idomybest Fri 05-Dec-14 05:45:42

Bump again!

gianlucavialli Fri 05-Dec-14 13:16:49

Have you actually been to look at the schools?

Idomybest Sat 06-Dec-14 02:11:23

Gianlucavialli, visiting shortly, but wanted to hear from current parents or people who know children there.

ToTheMoonAndStars Sat 06-Dec-14 04:00:30

Limited knowledge here, but I know a little about the schools. I have looked around Falcons and liked it and know children who have been to Rowan.

Falcons pre prep is in quite a small building, so my initial reaction was that perhaps that wouldn't be great for a real live wire? Rowan certainly has a lot more outside space. Definitely worth considering when you go and look round them both.

The type of school you are ultimately aiming for might influence your choice, have a good look at their leavers destinations.

Because all the children at Rowan leave at 7, they might be better prepared for the 7+ than those at Falcons, as I'd imagine they have an interest in the children carrying on to the Falcons Prep Department. Without seeing leavers lists for both schools, it's impossible to know. You need to get that information. Equally I'd visit Falcons prep as well as pre prep as if you really liked that it might sway you more towards the pre prep.

Hope that helps a bit?

Idomybest Sat 06-Dec-14 19:24:43

Thanks Tothemoon, I worry that the teachers may be too busy and not have enough time and patience to deal with him in a big school. I would like him to do 7+ but I am not sure what he will be like at that age. Will visit and see how this goes.

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