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Applying to one local authority for a primary place and then moving to another

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Zamboni Tue 02-Dec-14 11:02:20

Does anyone know how this would work? We will very shortly be applying to the LA where we live for DD's primary place to start next September. There is an outside chance that we may need to move to within another LA after the deadline for applying for a primary place there but before September 2015. Does anyone know what would happen? Presumably we would just have to apply late to the new LA and hope for the best?

admission Tue 02-Dec-14 22:52:28

Most LAs only allow you to request a place when you have moved and can prove rental or when you have exchanged contracts. In effect if it is between January and April when they announce the first set of places, then you will apply to the new LA and be considered a late application and be offered a place after all on-time applications have been considered. If it is after the first tranche of places in April then as soon as you apply for schools you will go on the waiting list in admission criteria order (so you could be immediately the top of the waiting list) if you are very local to the school and you will have to hope that places become available.
The LA will offer you a place in a school but it is likely not to be one that is local to you.

Zamboni Wed 03-Dec-14 16:42:18

Thank you for your response, very useful.

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