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East Finchley Primary Schools- your views?

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lovedimsum Mon 01-Dec-14 13:42:44

Hi all

I am
In a dilemma about which primaries in east finchley, N2 to choose.

Would be interested to hear any opinions and first hand experience of any within N2 or on the east finchley side of Muswell Hill or Highgate.

Our closest is Holy Trinity C of E however we aren't regular church goers so not sure whether we would have much of a chance.

The schools we are considering are Holy Trinity, Tetherdown, Coldfall, St Theresa's (although again we don't go to church and are not catholic).

Any views would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

SunnyBaudelaire Mon 01-Dec-14 13:44:17

Highgate Primary? Lots of children from E.finchley go there, or they did at least.

mzdemeanour Mon 01-Dec-14 18:55:20

Martins? I know lots of children who go there and it seems to be gett increasingly popular .... Got a very good Ofsted as far as I remember.

redautumnleaves Tue 02-Dec-14 09:58:24

You have to live fairly close to the schools these days to have a chance of getting in. Holy Trinity and Highgate Primary, for example, are quite a distance away in terms of catchment areas.

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