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radlett prep vs st martins mill hill

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millhillmum1 Sat 29-Nov-14 19:51:03

II'm looking for a prep school for my son in north west london and have narrowed it down to either radlett prep or st martins mill hill and am finding it hard to choose between the two. I liked the teaching staff at both schools and the head as well as finding both schools very friendly. Radlett prep has a lot more space but st martins is within walking distance. Does anyone have any opinions on these two schools. Thanks in advance.

Schoolname Sat 29-Nov-14 20:24:47

Radlett prep hands down. Have to be honest and say that neither of them do it for me as they're extremely traditional and old fashioned but if that's what you are looking for then Radlett prep. I was pretty horrified by St Martins to be honest, there's absolutely no space to run around, half the classrooms are in garden sheds and the library and music rooms looked like they were from 1970. Having said that I thought the teachers were lovely but they go to the park for sports, have no hall. Radlett has fields, proper team sports, a nice theatre, proper library. I would also quiz St Matin's on where their year 6 leavers went last year because I'm pretty sure that less than half of them went on to independent secondaries, most went to admittedly very good, faith state schools. Radlett has a broader range of secondaries, a fair number to the same state faith schools and an excellent track record for Habs, Merchant Taylor's and St Albans.

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