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Gossiping parents

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Kmum31 Fri 28-Nov-14 12:10:05

Hi I really need some advice. Today when I was leaving the school after dropping off my DS I have heard one of the mother talking to another badly about my DS. I know that my DS and hers had a bit problems with each other as they were play fighting. I have since found out that her little one is a bit of a hugger and my DS really likes his personal space and was pushing him away. As soon as I had said that to their teacher my DS behaviour improved dramatically as now she knew what was going on and also my DS stopped playing with the other child. But the other child is still being in trouble pretty much every day and because the teacher only says thay he was fighting and doesn't say with who to the other mother she keeps blaming my DS. I do not want her to say badly about my DS to his friends parents but I don't know of I should approach her or the teacher about it. He is still in Reception and likes hos friends very much.

redskybynight Fri 28-Nov-14 12:24:37

If it's a single casual comment, then just let it go. Parents will say lots of things about your DS over the years to come. You'll probably say lots of things about other people's children too.

Ridingthestorm Fri 28-Nov-14 15:03:02

Tell the teacher what you are hearing and that your little boy is being singled out (quite wrongly) for being the other half of the other little boys problems. The teacher may have a word with the parent to inform Her of who it ISN'T rather than who it is.
I wouldn't let it go. I have a friend whose little boy in Y2 is becoming isolated by his peers because of wrongful, nasty things their parents are saying. My friend's little boy (let's call him Harry) was wrongfully accused of tormenting some reception girls all because he has the same name as the actual perpetrator. One of the mums of the little girls approached Harry's mum in the playground and was quite intimidating and nasty in her comments about my friends son. My friend went to the head teacher and after an investigation, it turned out the little girls mum had the WRONG Harry. When asked to point to the boy causing trouble, the girls pointed to a different Harry. One of the things the little girl's parents said he was doing was spitting food at them. For a start, Y2 do not sit anywhere near Reception children at lunchtime and Harry doesn't actually eat. Simply he doesn't eat food, doesn't put food in his mouth so friend KNEW it was the wrong Harry but the little girl's parents were insistent it was despite friend telling her about Harry's eating disorder. It took a meeting with the head teacher for the little girl's parents to stop intimidating my friend. They never apologised though.

Kmum31 Fri 28-Nov-14 16:12:47

I have actually spoke to the teacher about it and she said she will have a word with the other mother. Hopefully that is going to be the end of it. Fingers crossed.

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