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What are innkeepers wearing these days? (Nativity play related)

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dancingwitch Wed 26-Nov-14 18:53:09

DD has come home with a note saying she is "an" innkeeper (I think that there may be a few of them) and a request to provide a simple costume. My last nativity play experience was 30 odd years ago when I was in one. I have a vague recollection of the innkeeper being in a brownish tunic/apron whilst all of the angels were in white sheets & tinsel and the shepherds were in dressing gowns & tea towels. Is that still the look most nativity plays go for or has it been modernised. I don't want DD looking like a 70s throw back!

AsBrightAsAJewel Wed 26-Nov-14 19:13:54

Ours wear pretty much the same as Joseph and the shepherds (although I give the innkeeper the costume with the missing cloak, explaining the others need a cloak as they are travelling, but the innkeeper is at home so he doesn't need one!). This sort of thing ?? So basic tunic with apron is fine.

mummymellymoo Thu 27-Nov-14 11:30:53

My daughter's the innkeeper's wife and I've just bought her this - planning to fashion the hat into some sort of apron if I can x

NoLongerJustAShopGirl Thu 27-Nov-14 11:36:27

A blanket with a head hole and a belt...

PastSellByDate Thu 27-Nov-14 12:42:09

We had a tea towel disaster (stain that wouldn't bleach out) - so we went for dark leggings, white shirt - and then wrapped a fine shawl around DD2 and tied at back. Looked vaguely Middle Eastern - but was actually comfortable.


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