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Bruern Abbey

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Notabrainsurgeon Wed 26-Nov-14 15:41:34

We have recently visited the above school and are considering putting our son in for an assessment to start in September 2015 (he is 8 in January). He is very dyspraxic, has significant fine motor issues (handwriting is terrible), has trouble with creative writing (getting ideas onto paper) and is somewhat immature for his age. However, he has been assessed in the normal range for IQ, reads age appropriately and is okay at maths (providing the questions are not too wordy). He is at a mainstream prep school currently and is just about managing, but we are wondering whether somewhere more geared up towards his learning style might help him to thrive.

Can anyone tell me anything about the assessment at Bruern Abbey? We met the SENCO on our visit who said that in the assessment she asks the boys to 'write something' - I am wondering what this means and whether he will be able to manage what they ask of him. Also, has anyone got youngish children there? How are they finding it? Any information is very gratefully received!

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