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Which online resources are you using for Key Stage 1?

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Fiona2011231 Wed 26-Nov-14 13:16:47

Could you pls advise?

There are many paid online resources which are meant to help your child in many subjects like Maths, Reading, etc.

I’m willing to pay but don’t know which are the best or the most popular for a child in Key Stage 1.

I don’t think a child should sit in front of the computer to do these subjects. But it would be great if one can print out materials.

Thank you

PastSellByDate Wed 26-Nov-14 13:42:13


first off I think you have to think through what the 'issue' is for you:

reading skills
writing skills
calculation skills

For Year R/ Y1 - I would highly recommend OXFORD OWL: help in both maths & reading: - lots of free e-books as well. Lots of advice for parents to support reading skills and phonics.

For learning how to sound out: Find out what phonics package your school is using and look into support materials. For example Jolly Phonics does a lovely series of 7 workbooks working through the various letter sounds/ letter combinations - but it's laid out like a colouring book and includes 3 line writing practice (including instruction on how to form letters).

With reading: joining your local library/ regularly going to the library/ regularly reading/ swapping books with friends/ buying in books/ encouraging family & friends to give books as presents - but read, read, read - regularly is a huge benefit.

Also don't be snooty about reading material - it doesn't just have to be a book. There are lots of children's magazines out there - related to popular children's tv, etc... with lots of puzzles, maths, reading work tucked away - none of which feels like work.

Audio books are fabulous - as is you giving your DC a night off and just reading to them. I used to let DDs read their guided reading book 2/3 nights a week (we only changed books once 1 week/ sometimes once a fortnight) - and then reading something they enjoy/ want to read/ or old family favourites.


With maths & generally homework help/ ideas:

Woodlands Junior School Resources: - their Maths Zone is fantastic!

There also is a free on-line maths games (organised by age ranges 5-7/ 7-9 and 9-11) called Maths Champs:


Lots have posted on MN about on-line maths tutorials - so just search on that. My advice is decide if this is an issue - rather than 'double up' whatever the school is doing.


Finally - look into the resources the school may be providing.

My Maths (for example) allows you to do more at home (TOTALLY FREE) using the 'LIBRARY' - you can work out what level material you're child's teacher has been assigning and if you want to do more/ or just review something/ do something again - you can. There's nothing stopping you.

If your school belongs to something like Education city - again - there's lots of age appropriate games there too!


having been there and done that (DD1 Y7/ DD2 Y5) my advice is try to get a sense of where there may be problems/ weakness - and work on those at home.


Fiona2011231 Wed 26-Nov-14 16:41:20

Wonderful advice. Thank you so much.

I use Oxford Owl sometimes. I wish we could print out from that site, as I don't want my son to use the computer frequently.

I will go through the other resources recommended by you.


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