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Poetry Club...How do I start and run one?

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JandLandG Tue 25-Nov-14 23:29:49

Hello there

I'm not an English literature scholar, but I do have a certain affection for poetry and if anything, this has increased recently.

I often read the children poems and encourage them to learn stansas etc...some funny kids' ones obviously, and the odd Osymandious here and there (sorry, last letter of the alphabet missing on keyboard and spellcheck obviously doesn't do PB Shelley!).

Anyway, some of the parents near us have given talks and started clubs after school, so I thought I might give it a go and see if there are any, what do I need to do?

I'm planning on doing one-off sessions in normal school-time with my 2 children's classes at first - that should be ok to set up as the teachers encourage this kind of thing; in fact I did one last year about a specific country my lad had taken an interest in.

So does anyone have any thoughts on a poetry session for them?

Year 2 and Year 6.

I suppose we could have:

some general chit chat to introduce the subject..perhaps a shock and awe comedic blockbuster to get their attention (any ideas???),

some performance (me and a couple of the kids' friends pre-primed to read something out, plus I could send a mail out to parents to see if they fancied prepping something with their nippers),

some general chit-chat to introduce the subject (age appropriate, of course),

and perhaps a bit of group work or single work to have a go at writing maybe?

In fact even the act of writing the above gives me confidence that I could manage to come up with some sort of running order/lesson plan, but does anyone have any thoughts/ideas/suggestions?

Anyone with any experience of similar things?

Any teachers even, obviously?

I'd be most grateful for the wit and wisdom of MN on this one.

Ok, will leave it with you...will probably do the sessions in January, so a bit of time to think at least, but busy, busy, busy til then with Chrimbo etc, of course.

Thanks so much

JandLandG Mon 05-Jan-15 19:49:35

Any thoughts on this for the new year?

Thanks if so!

Elibean Tue 06-Jan-15 10:58:28

No thoughts specifically, but sounds great and good luck! I've helped run Book Club for Y5 and Y6, and at that age I found they really want to talk about what they think - so leave plenty of space for either breaking into small groups to discuss something, then feed back to the 'big group', or just to voice their thoughts generally. I also found structure helpful, but hold it lightly - be prepared to go with the flow is one activity is grabbing imaginations. I made 'talking sticks' to use, as everyone was falling over themselves to talk.

With Y2, I haven't run a club but my friends did - they were in lunch break (ours were after school) and more structured. The children were expected to read something specific for the next session, so they could then discuss it and have fun with it.

With both ages, I would thoroughly recommend providing each child with a cheap notebook - in which they can write down anything inspired by the club, any comments or thoughts provoked by what they've read, do drawings of images in the poems etc. Both Y2 and Y6 loved this, and were proud of what they'd come up with in the week - and had a chance to show and read out if they wanted to each week smile

JandLandG Thu 08-Jan-15 02:04:58

Hey, many thanks for these thoughts....all good and very much appreciated.

I'm starting to get a handle on what I might do now...the head is having a chat with me too, so am getting I'm doing a poetry evening in Beavers next month...looking good and thanks again!

tippytappywriter Thu 08-Jan-15 19:40:00

This might have some resources and ideas

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