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Advice needed on whether to move schools at year 3

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alltheworld Sun 23-Nov-14 10:26:45

My dd is in year 2 at an outstanding infants school. Children here are automatically transferred to the linked junior school in year 3. The junior school had a period of decline which has begun to be turned round by the new head who got it from satisfactory to good within a year of starting. However, it is clear from the most recent Ofsted (2012) and from parents that a key reason why it isn't outstanding is because more able children are not given enough challenging work to do. I raised this at a recent open day with the head and she said research showed ability groups didn't work and she spoke a lot about tracking results but I think that was mainly to bring the less able up. The Ofsted comments about stretching most able dates back to 2012 and I know that parents today still feel it is an issue, so although the head is very switched on and a great leader, she hasn't made much progress in that particular aspect.
My dd is bright and I think would do very well if stretched. I would really like her to go to a selective school at Secondary and so want her to be able to achieve her potential at primary.
The other schools in the area are all oversubscribed but there is a chance that I could get her in at year 3 as I think the class sizes go up a bit at that stage. The Ofsted guidance to the other schools in where they could improve seems to less substantial and in any case not in areas that are worrying to me.
So the pros of leaving her where she is are:
1. Remains with her friends
2. Great head, overall lovely school but not stretching the most able

The cons of leaving her where she is are:
1. She might be bored and not achieve her potential

I guess key issues are whether any potential academic benefit would be undermined by the impact of her moving and having to make friends and also the extent to which any weakness in her current school could be overcome by tutoring.

I want her to sit the 11 plus and private school entrances so I will probably have to get her a tutor wherever she goes.

Very grateful for any thoughts.

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