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Scarisbrick Hall School

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Tootiredtomention Sun 23-Nov-14 01:02:53


I would welcome any experiences/thoughts you may have on Scarisbrick, particularly provision for SEN.

My dd is currently at another indie locally, but it may be she will need support (Dyspraxia and slow processing), so am wondering if Scarisbrick may be a better environment for her going into Yr 7. Also, she would love all the outdoors stuff!

I went for a look around with my other half and they could talk the talk and said they have good provision for support, but has anyone direct experience? DD doesn't have support now, just a few things out in place in the classroom and manages fine, this may not be the case as she needs more organisational skills and things get a bit harder.

They apparently have a new sixth form opening this year too, which was what put us off going there in the past, as whilst we were flexible on Senior School, we didn't want to move to 6th form college.


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