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Moving after Jan deadline for son's primary school app - help!

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Heynowheynow Sat 22-Nov-14 11:24:33

He's three. Due to start in Sept and have obv had application for area we are currently in.

He's in a lovely nursery so even if we don't manage the move then it's no drama.

However we'd really like to get him in at a school when we move into a different council area which will be after the January deadline.

What do we do?

dogtanianandthe3muskehounds Sat 22-Nov-14 11:36:52

How long after the January deadline do you expect to move? There is usually an extended deadline for house movers which is in February or March. You would need to check with the admissions team in the area you are moving to (you still need to apply within the normal timeframe, from your existing address, but could then amend the address after the move).

Otherwise, you would need to wait until after places had been allocated in April and see which schools had spaces remaining.

prh47bridge Sat 22-Nov-14 12:55:56

You will get a place for your son regardless of when you move. However, you may find that you are treated as a late application. That means you are unlikely to get a place at a popular school in the initial allocations although you may still get in via the waiting list. But the council has to come up with a place for you somewhere.

Some LAs will treat applications from people moving into the area as on time for a little while after the deadline. For example, if you move from one part of London to another your application will be treated as on time provided you have applied on time from your original address and update your application with your new address and preferences by mid-February.

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