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moving schools

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georgedawes Fri 21-Nov-14 12:24:29

I posted not long ago about my dd's school which is in special measures (she is in reception) and received some good advice. We've spoken to the new ht (who I think is doing a good job in difficult circumstances) and the class teacher and I'm starting to think that we may be best to move dd as the school have a mountain to climb. I think they'll get there in time - I can see progress but advice I received on another thread has really resonated about the ht focusing on the older years, particularly because of SATS.
I'm not sure the focus is yet on the early years and KS1 as much as it needs to be.

I have visited a local school which I loved but have two main worries about moving dd. She enjoys going to her local school, which is large and she has many friends. The new school is very small, but has a wonderful family feel to it and has many, many opportunities for a rich all round education. I really was so impressed BUT I'm worried about moving a happy child to a new, unknown (to her) setting. I know children this age are adaptable, but would be much easier if she didn't skip in each day. The only other concern I have is that the school is small and is an infants school only - so a further move will be needed at yr 3.

Any advice?

PastSellByDate Fri 21-Nov-14 12:35:28


We moved DD2 in KS2 (due to moving ourselves to a new catchment - and preferring not to have to drive to old school). It was mid-way through Y4 - and it has been a very successful transfer. (one we were mentally ready - having given the previous school much time to improve/ address gaps in education & two DD2 was not very happy socially at the previous primary - where two very dominant personalities enjoyed tormenting her - so moving away from them was a very good thing).

My view is this - if you have the time/ capacity/ interest - you can do a lot to help out during KS1 (e.g. OXFORD OWL - maths/ reading games & free e-books, regularly going to the library, regularly reading at home, playing regular maths games (counting games/ counting at interval games/ etc...)

so it strikes me it is fully possible to simply move to the KS2 Junior School - at a point when I suspect other children will be new to the school as well - and she can start from that point.

By deferring it also gives you time to assess how the old school (where she's happy) is doing (at least 1 more years) - by which time the place may have completely transformed (which was the case with one friend who sent her DD to a school with a new head - it went from Special Measures to outstanding over the course of her DDs time at the school and has just had Outstanding again from OFSTED). As ever - personnel & good leadership make a world of difference.


georgedawes Fri 21-Nov-14 12:41:15

thanks for your reply, yes that was my thinking too - I think the old school may well be better by then. The new school offers so much but I guess I had concerns because it was small (less in the whole school than her class just now!) and the social side concerned me a bit.

However, after visiting I was so impressed with all the facilities and just how much ambition they have for the kids. It was brilliant. It just is a bit of a leap to take a happy child and move them away from their friends. If she was unhappy it would be an easier decision! We will be doing the opposite of you in some ways - going from walking to school, to a car ride to a neighbouring village.

pyrrah Fri 21-Nov-14 21:10:35

If it was a small school to a large one then I would probably advise you to move, but I'm not a fan of small schools at all. Very small friendship pool being the main one - any problems get amplified enormously, and girls seem to have more problematic friendships.

On the actual moving side, I wouldn't worry too much, kids adapt very fast at that age - although expect some sulks for a couple of weeks and anything that doesn't suit will result in wails of misery and woe and how much better it was at x school. BTDT!

RNK123 Sat 22-Nov-14 00:56:37

Hi there Is anyone know Foulds school and what do you think about it.
If you have any tips to get in wanted school ( not in catchment area )
Thanks for any advice.

RNK123 Sat 22-Nov-14 00:59:26

Hi there

I need any tips to get into wanted school. If we aren't in the catchment area.
Thanks for any advice.

RustyDalek Sat 22-Nov-14 08:27:27

RNK123 - better if you start your own thread - or two - try the Mumsnet local section for info about the school and a new thread for the admissions query, with a little more information, (such as whether you are applying for reception or in year admission). There are several posters on Mumsnet who are very helpful and knowledgable and they will be more likely to see a new thread with 'admissions' in the title.

georgedawes Sat 22-Nov-14 09:07:38

Yep best to start a new thread rnk!

Pyrrah I know about what you are saying about small schools, I worry myself. But really the choice is between a large school that is not doing well academically (albeit improving) or a small school that is one of the best achieving in the region.

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