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support for dyslexia in independent senior schools Berkshire

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mummy737 Fri 21-Nov-14 11:17:18

I withdrew my child from Eton End school due to their lack of support for dyslexia. My child appalling behind and they never kept me informed. My child now at Upton House and doing amazingly well. Im struggling to find an appropriate senior school as ones with recognized CReSTeD help such as Pipers Corner and Knowl Hill are too far away.

Wantsunshine Fri 21-Nov-14 11:21:51

Have you spoken to the teachers at Upton for their recommendation? I am not sure about the dyslexia support but a lot of the girls seem to go to Mairist

mummy737 Fri 21-Nov-14 11:41:18

Thanks but the Marist have an entrance exam and my daughter will struggle with that & SWPS. Looking at St Georges but its very expensive. Really need advice regarding consistent support for pupils who are dyslexic.

Lonecatwithkitten Fri 21-Nov-14 13:56:35

Pangbourne have fantastic support for dyslexia, yes you have balance that with that it s military style, but I have several friends whose dyslexic children are there and they feel they communication is good.

CharlesRyder Fri 21-Nov-14 16:41:01

What about Bearwood? Would that also be too far?

Bitzy Tue 25-Nov-14 15:21:59

I would though there's better support at a school like Eton.
Dyslexia is such a common thing in the UK (1 in 10 apparently) and yet the support for students and Parents are generally lacking.

A friend of mine is doing a podcast (online radio shows) and a blog about dyslexia, called The Codpast. there's interviews of interesting dyslexics people on how they get on with dyslexia in their life. You might find some inspiration here:

DrElizabethPlimpton Tue 25-Nov-14 15:28:22

Leighton Park were great - hopefully they still are. My son was there a number of years ago and they supported him very well with his dyslexia.

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