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Y2 - y4 drop in levels

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PhoebeMcPeePee Thu 20-Nov-14 14:29:46

At the end of y2 DS seemed to be doing well (one 2b, one 2a the rest 3's in SATs, reading 2.5yrs above average) but we've just had parents evening & been told he's very much coasting in the middle, working at y3 level for literacy inc spelling, maths not much better only his reading is still above average. He's no longer in any top sets & is clearly not as focused or motivated as he was in y2.

Y3 academically was a bit of a loss but we hoped with help at home he wouldn't suffer but now it seems he's slipping.

School seem to put the onus on us to 'get him motivated' and 'make sure he's focused' (not sure how I'm supposed to do that in class?) but now I'm home & thinking about it I do feel school should be taking some responsibility & offering some guidance hmm.

what (if anything) should I be asking for from them & how can I get him back to his previous form?

PastSellByDate Thu 20-Nov-14 14:52:25


First off take a deep breath - you can have bad years (indeed a series of bad years) and it can all come good in the end.

Expected progress through NC Levels according to MN is: - see table on bottom

So in theory your DC should be working to NC L3b by the end of Y4.

I think the school are looking at the fact he'll be tracked as a higher achiever at the end of KS1 (with those NC Level 3s) - so should be on track for NC L5 work in Year 6.

Math in KS2 really does rely on sound knowledge of multiplication facts - so the first question to ask yourself is how is DC's times tables? Can he instantly tell you 4 x 9 = 36 or 36 divided by 4 = 9. If not - that's the obvious place to put in more time. Not necessarily your own - there are tons of video games out there that will provide all sorts of practise (without feeling like work). The new requirement is that by end Y4 - all times tables x0 through x12 should be mastered.

Lots of multiplication feeds on MN - just search and you'll get lots of good tips.


Reading - moves from functionally being able to read out loud (which is initially rewarded) - to being able to understand deeper meaning of the text - motivation of characters/ elements of plot/ utlimately you may even discuss literary devices or author's writing style. If you're still reading from a guided reading series - there usually are comprehension questions at the back of the book - which you can use to discuss the story.

I spent a lot of time at this point discussing meaning of words - as DD1 often would read them beautifully but had no clue what they meant. So discussing meaning of words/ how choice of words can be important (making something more spooky or mysterious, etc...).

writing is always tricky - but be sly - encourage thank you cards for presents/ post cards when on holiday/ making comics. When there is written work for homework - be a stickler that they don't do the bare minimum. It really does them no favours.

Every spring I think CBBC has a children's writing competition. You can also write in to authors for various series - often getting nice goody packs.


DD1 really struggled until mid Y4 and it all came good. So don't despair or give up hope. The key for us was doing a bit each week toward mastering multiplication tables/ improving reading skills and keeping writing juices flowing (we had very little homework to speak of at all). It does all add up - and really makes a difference.


Finally don't keep silent - talk to friends about what they're doing at home - I only found out very late in Y6 how much extra work many parents were doing at home (preparing for the 11+ with workbooks/ hiring tutors for the 11+/ getting in extra workbooks/ doing on-line tutorials/ etc....) - if that is playing out as well at your school - and you're not doing a lot at home - that may well explain why to the teachers it seems your son is standing still and others are racing ahead.


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