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moving to the UK = advice for DD schooling

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enzo65 Mon 17-Nov-14 20:54:38

My wife and I are thinking to move from Belgium to the UK probably next year to be close to my parents (in their 80s). We are concerned for our DD who will be 11 and been in French speaking school. Seeking advice from others in similar situation, what support is there in the educational system to help non English children integrate into school, should she stay in primary school for one extra year before moving to secondary school. She has only spoken English.

bearwithspecs Mon 17-Nov-14 22:57:39

This will massively vary by area and school. We have several French speakers in our state school and high levels of support for DC who need to learn English. In other areas there won't be and you may need to look at private etc - where are you heading ?

mummytime Mon 17-Nov-14 23:17:11

Which Country? There are totally different education systes in Scotland and England, and England and Wales are quite different.

If it is England, she will not be given the choice of an extra year in primary - staying with age cohort is pretty strictly enforced (except occasionally due to SEN). She will be given support if she needs it due to limited English, however it is quite possible she will be fine.
What support she will get and in what form will depend on the school, but should include:
a) It being flagged to the teachers that she is starting with limited written English.
b) Work being "differentiated" so she can "access the curriculum". This could mean she is allowed to use a computer with a spell checker, or is given more "fill in the word" sheets rather than expected to write long notes.

I have known pupils who arrived with very limited English, and even at 11 they have coped fine.

She should be far ahead in French!

Phoenixfrights Tue 18-Nov-14 22:39:37

There is also the Lycee in west London, which is french medium. However it's not free but I think costs less than the usual London day school.

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