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ds talking about classmates who hit/push etc

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Iggly Sun 16-Nov-14 20:45:47

Ds started reception in September. He's mentioned a few "naughty" children, saying some like to "fight" him and there's the odd hitting incident etc.

Ds doesn't seem hugely bothered but I am. He's come from a preschool where there were very firm boundaries in place and behaviour was rarely an issue (although I appreciate the ratios are lower so easier to manage). It was an Ofsted rated outstanding setting.

I'm getting more and more doubts as ds's school has just been downgraded by Ofsted. There have been a few other parents who've mentioned their kids being on the receiving end of other children hitting etc.

It is all starting to add up to big doubts in my head about whether we've gone for the right school. We are thinking of moving.

But, in the meantime, is this something we should be worried about? Is it normal for kids to be causing trouble in reception? Should I expect better behaviour management from the teachers?

Betsy003 Sun 16-Nov-14 20:55:25

Yep it's normal in reception with a very small handful of children in each reception class. It usually calms down substantially by year 2

poppy70 Sun 16-Nov-14 21:57:40

The teachers deal with it but it is very normal for a handful of children to hit. It is more about teaching them the proper way to solve their issues. Increased competition for resources and space cause the children to become frustrated and lack of verbal skills mean they cannot express themselves and they hit. Be grateful their is no biting. Those are the fun years.

TheNoodlesIncident Sun 16-Nov-14 22:56:19

Does your DS report any more, such as "and so they lost their Golden Time" or anything like that? I would want to hear that the school were taking a very poor view of behaviour like that. Although you do get children who hit out at other children, I would expect the staff to take action about it. Isn't it one of their golden rules that you keep your feet and hands to yourself? Even in reception, this isn't really acceptable and I actually would expect better behaviour management.

Since the school has been downgraded by Ofsted, I would be additionally concerned and looking into any other options you may have...

Nativity3 Sun 16-Nov-14 23:17:14

Chances are the school will receive extra money and support for being downgraded and will be monitored much more closely than a school rated outstanding. Where we live, one school is outstanding (but not been ofsteded since 2009) so have no idea if what they are doing is right. No one has checked up on them at all and their results are pretty average. The school down the road is 'requires improvement' but they are very up to date on most current practice and initiatives, are constantly looking for ways to improve their practice and are monitored very closely. They are improving rapidly and will be back up to good in no time! smile
Being downgraded isn't necessarily a bad thing...did the report have any positives?

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