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Primary schools Wirral Liverpool

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Candinha Sun 16-Nov-14 07:51:07

can someone recommend good schools in the Wirral? We are having to move because of work and are hoping to move the 3 children (reception, year 5 and 3) next sept. Thank you

PourquoiTuGachesTaVie Sun 16-Nov-14 07:59:18

The Wirral and Liverpool are totally separate by the way, the Wirral isn't in Liverpool.

Where in the Wirral are you looking at?

Areyerdancin Sun 16-Nov-14 08:05:22

Yes, just to be clear, if you're living on the Wirral don't even think about primary schools in Liverpool - it'll involve either a journey through the tunnel or over the Runcorn bridge in rush hour - not something you want to inflict on little ones daily before a day at school.

No idea about schools in Wirral! although I do know there is a grammar system there so don't know if that gives you something to work backwards from (ie if it's possible to find out the rates of children's who go on to grammars).

Candinha Sun 16-Nov-14 08:37:07

I am not looking in Liverpool wirral only. I was thinking west kirby heswell neston perhaps?? But I don't know the area and also need to find a house! We are moving from the country side so didn't want to move them to a massive school it may be quite daunting for them sad

Zhx3 Sun 16-Nov-14 08:43:53

If you will be there for several years, the grammar schools are in West Kirby/Calday and Bebington, if that is a consideration for secondary. I don't know much about the primary schools in that area, but the three places you've mentioned are really lovely!

Candinha Sun 16-Nov-14 09:14:10

Thanks zhx3 good to know yes the grammar schools are a consideration so it would be good to be close. A friend said heswall school has good report and I have had a look at their website and it's not far from what we have at the moment now. I think I'll plan to visit some of the schools before the end of term as seems admissions for sept are only until jan 14!!! ��

millymae Sun 16-Nov-14 09:32:28

Liverpool and Wirral are separated by the River Mersey so if you are working in Liverpool and living in Wirral then it will cost you to travel through the tunnel everyday. By car this costs £1 70 each way - there are two tunnels to choose from and both are busy at peak times. If you are happy to use public transport to travel then West Kirby would be my preferred choice as trains and buses to Liverpool are frequent and it is lovely. Heswall is ok bus wise and Neston too but nowhere near as good as West Kirby which is imho the nicest of the three places to live.

I have no idea whether the schools are good, bad or indifferent but I would suspect they are all good/outstanding. There is also plenty of secondary school school provision (Wirral still has the 11+). If you are thinking about Neston you need to bear in mind that this is technically in Cheshire were there is no 11+ - it does however have its own comprehensive which appears to have a good reputation.

As a long time Wirral resident I love the area but if I was needing to travel to Liverpool everday I would definitely give serious consideration to living on the Liverpool side if finances were likely to be tight. It isn't so much the time involved in travelling from the Wirral but the expense of having to go through the tunnel

Jellyandjam Sun 16-Nov-14 09:40:00

Hi, I live on the wirral. Yes the places you mention are lovely. Neston is Cheshire authority though not wirral.
One thing to consider though (mainly for your younger child) is you may not get your choices as the primary schools in these popular areas tend to be oversubscribed. Are you planning to be moved before January? We have friends who moved here this sept and all of their three choices were full.
West Kirby has a few schools; St Bridget's, Black Horse Hill and West Kirby Primary. And Heswall have Heswall Primary and St Peters. There is also Barston Primary and Gayton Primary in that area (all very good schools).
Wirral is a lovely place to live by the way, good luck.

admission Sun 16-Nov-14 20:55:25

You need to think as much as anything about what you want from secondary education. The grammars in wirral are good schools but you need to consider what you will do if any of your children are not of grammar school standard. You have options at other secondary schools in Wirral, some of which are good and some not so good. A possible alternative is Neston High School which is a converter academy school but has a good reputation, especially for pastoral care, despite being a big school. They do have a significant number of pupils from Heswall, Bebington, Bromborough, which may allow you to make appropriate decisions when you know the academic capability of your children. Neston is just in Cheshire West and Chester LA but across Wirral and CWAC there are plenty of good primary schools.
You do need to be careful about admissions as many schools are full and especially for your reception age child, when the infant class size regs will probably be relevant. If you are moving in the summer and your youngest is going into reception at that point rather than already in it, that will be difficult because the LAs will not accept applications until you have exchanged on contract and have a confirmed moving date. That will mean that you could easily be a position where available school places will not be in the best schools.

Candinha Sun 16-Nov-14 22:23:54

Thanks everyone all very good advice and lots to consider reassuring to know the area is lovely as we live in a very pretty village in NW at the moment. I did think it would be hard to get school places and we are considering renting in the area but may not be in time for January!!��

mumbanator Sun 16-Nov-14 23:47:49

Hi I live in West Kirby and completely agree with the above posts. I think you also need to decide what you want out of the primary schools too - St Bridget's (and the Heswall schools?) 'outstanding' and quite academic, West Kirby Primary is also very good but maybe less pushy. I am biased but would say West Kirby is a fab place to live, however competition for primary places is strong so try very hard to rent in your preferred catchment area.

Candinha Wed 19-Nov-14 06:42:33

Thanks mumbanator I am going to try and visit heswall primary, barns ton and our lady of pity Catholic. I did realise west kirby might not be pushy looking at their results. My 7 year old boy is already bringing extension maths homework so I need a school that will continue to push him. Any experience with the schools above much appreciated. Catholic has an advantage for us as we are Catholic and children have all been baptised. We will plan to rent to begin with. Thanks everyone again ��☀️⭐️��❤️����⛄️���������� sorry DS3 wanted to add the symbols!!

Jellyandjam Wed 19-Nov-14 11:35:41

Is that our Lady of Pity in Greasby? If so I know it's a very popular one.
Definitely an advantage if practising catholic as it's on their admission criteria. Our friends son started there this sept. They are regular attenders at our lady of pity church but live just out of catchment. The f2 class is over two sites; one in Greasby with the main school and the other in Meols. Then from year one they are all at the main site.

mumbanator Thu 20-Nov-14 00:17:02

Based on what I have heard from Heswall mums the catchment area obsession all relates to St Peter's school and not Heswall primary although I know nothing about the schools personally. A Heswall resident laughing about a bit of local snobbery informed me not long ago that St Peter's is the 'right' side of Heswall and the other half of Telegraph Road (see google maps of the schools) is the 'wrong' side but I guess it depends how much you care about that sort of thing. Perhaps someone else can enlighten us further...

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