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Independant schools

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carmen66 Thu 13-Nov-14 19:10:53

Hi can anyone recommend good independant mixed schools in the borough of Barnet please thank you

Greenfizzywater Thu 13-Nov-14 19:23:37

For what age? Annemount and Golders Hill for pre-prep, up to 7, though anecdotally Annemount is better for girls. Otherwise I'm not sure there are many in Barnet itself, though happy to be corrected, but you've got Highgate not too far away, UCS, which is mixed to 7 and from 16. also have you considered Habs? Boys and girls school on the same site and buses go from all over Barnet.

carmen66 Thu 13-Nov-14 19:53:56

my dd is 8.5 and isn't academic enough for Habs it's very difficult to get into.My dd is currently attending an independant school which I won't name but it's a sports school which she isn't keen along with a few other issues.
I'm deciding as to whether it's a suitable school for her .

Greenfizzywater Thu 13-Nov-14 20:46:46

If you're not desperate for mixed then consider having a look at St. Margaret's in Kidderpore Gardens for your daughter. nice, small, nurturing school, less selective than some of the others. Flexible on their admissions in that they are happy to have e.g. one less in year 6 and one more in year 10 for example, as long as it adds up overall so might be a good option for admission at a non standard time.

Ring up and ask for a chat with the head, Mark Webster - very nice man.

Or I've just thought - King Alfred's on North End Road if you like the alternative approach.

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