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Writing intervention in Y2, any tips or experience please?

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hillyhilly Wed 12-Nov-14 19:27:22

Parents evening yesterday raised serious concerns about Ds (7)'s handwriting as the gap between it and his ability in maths and reading is huge.
The school is excellent at interventions normally but Im not at all sure they've got their act together on writing, they offer a motor skills daily workshop and daily reading intervention group and last year bought into Fischer Family Trust (?) for reading.
My question is, what's out there for poor writers? DS has poor motor skills both gross and fine so there is more to it than just not wanting to but he is also definitely not keen and inclined to joke around. ( we have begun the process to assess for dyspraxia)
So far I'm aware of Handwriting without Tears and today, they spoke about making sure they are writing on paper with 4 lines on it to help with the sizing of the letters which they don't currently use.
Are there other recommendations/ suggestions please?

mrz Wed 12-Nov-14 19:31:43

Write from the Start or Speed Up alongside a motor skills programme to build up core stability, shoulder girdle, wrist and ginger strength.

WombatStewForTea Wed 12-Nov-14 22:14:23

I second both Write from the Start and Speed Up as have used both with good results. Another idea to help with fine motor skills especially is using theraputty lots on Amazon to strengthen muscles/grip etc. There are lots of activities online to use with it here

Feenie Wed 12-Nov-14 22:27:07

Play dough disco here!

hillyhilly Wed 12-Nov-14 23:04:25

Thanks all, is Theraputty very different from playdough? I'm too tight to pay Amazon £5 to deliver something that costs less than that!
I got rid of all our playdough last year as we had stopped playing with it but maybe I should reinvest?
I bought write from the start but he found the exercises really tedious and it got harder and harder to get him to do them.

lougle Wed 12-Nov-14 23:22:48

Theraputty is very different because the strength of it is regulated by colour, so you can control how much resistance is given.

Anomaly Thu 13-Nov-14 00:06:15

My DS has issues over handwriting. The OT recommended using Write from the Start. But the fact you know his motor skills are poor suggests it might be worth working on them too. Can he catch a ball for example? Is he left or right handed or is he not sure? Its very difficult for kids to manage fine motor skills if their handedness isn't properly established.

At the handwriting class my DS attended they did warm up exercises before writing to improve muscle tone. He did some writing lying on the floor propped up on his elbows. The idea was that the movements of the pencil would then just come from the hand and wrist. Colouring in was also recommended to help develop the necessary fine motor skills.

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