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Bickley Park School

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BuffOrpingtonChick Wed 12-Nov-14 10:30:15

I am considering Bickley Park for DS. Any current parents' views much appreciated!

Unsure whether to go down the independent school route for prep, had always planned to do so for secondary and wondering if actually in this area whether an excellent start somewhere like BP would give DS a better chance of the superselectives and grammars in general. On the website they do say they prepare for the 11+ but seem keen to retain boys to 13 for CE. DS is only 3 so no use if any of this is likely grin however he is shy and easily overwhelmed by noisy environments so I think he would thrive somewhere with small class sizes etc. I think he's bright, but IMO he's too young to have any idea really. And am realising the cost is not dissimilar to what we are already paying for nursery fees already of course! So why not.

Many thanks in advance for any thoughts.

ChalkyC Wed 12-Nov-14 10:43:28

Hi - sorry no experience but we are in a similar position and going to look round BPS next week. Have you looked at any other schools? We currently have a 5 yr old in a local primary and a 3yr old and wondering whether to move them. Would love to hear some views of current parents....

I agree we had often thought about saving private education until secondary level, but am now wondering whether the state primaries prepare them well enough to actually get in anywhere at secondary?! Also I'm bowled over by the 'extras' you get at prep school - DS1 is sporty and would love to play football/rugby etc at school - at his current school they try but just do not have the facilities.

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